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Regal Blog Template for Jekyll

February 6, 2015. Posted by Rohit Mulange

Spent the night working on regal, making it responsive and mobile friendly. I still do not like how the page looks on mobiles, nothing wrong in it. layout adjusts as it is supposed to. It is just the lack of sidebar makes the page look kind of too.. plain?

Notes to self:

  1. Improve how Regal’s main page Looks on Phones
  2. Consider improving looks by darkening colors, the front end looks a little.. old-fashioned as of now.

Meanwhile I am beginning to love LESS css. It is amazing how much the web has changes since I first started coding javascript and css. It has now moved on to LESS CSS and to many developers, coffeescript. I am not a huge fan of coffeescript, but it does make my resulting js code neat and safe, and also allows me to use the most loved array comprehensions.

I have also, in my free time started exploring more of Google’s Polymer project. It is interesting and the paper elements make the resulting app so very user friendly and good looking. But it is still in initial stages, and when it comes to material design, I like the angular-material repo more, it works great with my angular apps ;).